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Learn the Warning Signs of Human Trafficking:


  • Inability or fear to make eye contact.


  • Cannot or will not speak to you alone; is being controlled by another person.


  • Presence of an older male or "boyfriend" who seems controlling.


  • Shows evidence/signs of physical, mental, or sexual abuse. 


  • Inappropriately dressed for the age of the child (sexy, low cut, too short).


  • Has heightened sense of fear or distrust of authority.


  • Is not in school or has significant gaps in schooling.


  • Demeanor is fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, nervous.


  • May have tattoo or "brand" like "Daddy's Girl", "Daddy's Princess", "Money Maker", etc. 


  • Chronic runaway/homeless youth.


  • Lying about age or false ID.


  • Does not have access to identity or travel documents, or documents appear to be fraudulent.


  • Inconsistencies in their story. 


  • May be in possession of one or more hotel keys.


  • Excess amount of cash.


  • Has engaged in prostitution or commercial sex.  


  • Works long hours.


  • Is paid very little or nothing at all for work performed.


  • Is forced to sell drugs, jewelry, or magazines on the street.


  • Lives at workplace/with employee, or lives with many people in confined area.


  • Any child working whose "pay" goes directly toward rent, debt, living expenses, necessities, fees for journey. 


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