END IT Alabama is a project of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force.  


House Joint Resolution 270 sponsored by former Representative Jack Williams (R-Vestavia Hills) passed the Alabama legislature in March 2014.  


Former Governor Robert Bentley (R-Tuscaloosa) signed the resolution in April 2014 to establish the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force.  

The Task Force meets once a quarter at the Alabama State House.  Meetings are open to the public.   

The purpose and agenda of the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force includes all of the following:

1) To combat all aspects of human trafficking, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

2) To pursue a comprehensive response to crimes of human trafficking.


3) To coordinate strategies to provide necessary services for victims of human trafficking.


4) To focus prevention efforts to end the demand for human trafficking and create awareness through education and community initiatives.


5) To develop legislation to prevent, intervene, and treat human trafficking.  


Pat McCay, Chair - North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force

Audrey Jordan, Vice-Chair - Alabama Attorney General's Office

Paul Butler, Secretary - Alabama Department of Human Resources

Baker Allen - Alabama Governor's Office


Trisha Mellburg - Alabama Office of Prosecution Services 


Hollie Worley Reed - Middle District of Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force

Teresa Collier - Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Brian McVeigh - Alabama District Attorney's Association

Tami Culver - Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries

Robin Wilburn - Alabama Department of Labor 

Sallye Longshore - Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Lynn Bius - Alabama Network of Children's Advocacy Centers 

Susan Crowther - Alabama State Department of Education

Merceria Ludgood - Alabama Association of County Commissioners 

Merika Coleman - Alabama House of Representatives

Arnold Mooney - Alabama House of Representatives

Kirsten Barnes - Alabama Senate Minority Caucus 

Vanessa Jones - Jefferson County Family Court

Jake Jacobs - VOICES for Alabama's Children

Bridgette Jordan Smith - Alabama League of Municipalities 

Thomas Wright - Juvenile Court Judge

Melissa Peters - Children's Hospital of Alabama

William Bostick - Circuit Judge